Thrift Store Fall Mantle

 I saw this look in the Restoration Hardware catalogs and really wanted to copy it.  I took some thrift store books that had that uneven cut paper and ripped the covers off of them.  Super easy.

 This is a bowl I found at the thrift store and just spray painted it.  I'll use it for my halloween mantle this year too.

I totally scored this candlestick at the thrift store too!  It's leaded crystal.  I can't wait to change out the candlesticks for each of the holidays!

  The jar of acorns come from my brother's yard, the leaves were used the past few years on my porch and the pumpkins were left overs from years past too.  I have big plans for my porch and I will be reusing all of this for November after Halloween is through, I might just add some "thanksgiving" banners or something.

Check out my Fall pinterest board for some beautiful ideas...

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