Born out of irritation

I have no patience. I am easily irritated when I have to repeat myself - so when my husband asked me where the such-n-such electronic cord was and I had to answer the same way I'd been answering for the last 4 and 1/2 years "in the blue box." I was done. Now not only will he remember where they are, they are a lot easier to get to and organized. I just made up some tags on photoshop, printed them off and sewed them right on to this shoe rack that hangs on the back of the door. Super easy!


Bibs and chairs

I have been busy getting things ready for Oliver. My cousin gave me the book one yard wonders. I have so many things I want to make but I don't have the energy for all of it and for getting ready for Oli but I was able to whip up a bunch of bibs from the book!

I also covered our dining room chairs, I was tired of trying to clean the suede and I wanted a brighter look for summer. I showed Kreg his response was "looks like a grandma chair" ha ha I can kinda agree. CC doesn't like the chairs because they are cold on her legs, so she uses a blanket when she eats. I guess I lost on this one. I will probably leave them though because I think they are cute for now.


girl stuff...

the skirt is for cc

the quilt and burp cloth are for terri, my co-worker


Portable DVD Player Bag

I got the idea HERE. I just made it with a divider one side for the player and the other side for the cord and dvd's. I had the quilted fabric so it was fast and easy.

My first Quilt

I made this quilt for Oliver. Thanks for teaching me how to finish it Mom!

I hope Oliver likes bright colors like I do!

oliver's quilt

i finished oli's quilt with the fab that anna chose while she was here.  it's

a fun, bright quilt made with love....


hudson's bedding

i had to wait until after carly's shower to put these pictures up.

i made the quilt, dust ruffle, pillow, and blankets hanging next to the crib.


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