Eight generations scrap page

So while scanning in pictures from my mom this weekend I came across eight generations of photos of women in my family.  I saw this scrapbook on Ali Edwards and thought it would be fun to make a "baseball card" page of the photos for my daughter's book. First I made a 3.5 by 5 page in photoshop and put two photos on it (you can do this in Picnik too) like this:
I then had them printed at Inkley's (ritz pics) on Wed. for $0.06 a piece! I cut them out and placed them in the baseball sleeve:

This is an easy way to scrapbook a lot of pictures. Ali's scrapbook is a lot of fun. Check it out for more ideas - I think I'll be doing this 'week in the life' during our Lake Powell trip this year. I see a bag of red sand in one square :)!

Fun Hairstyles

I've found some fun tutorials for hair that I've been using lately... especially since it's so long  it's nice to pull it up in cute ways.
This one from Casey's Elegent Musings: Romantic Updo.  I've done it just like the tutorial and I've also just done three buns in the back:

These next three are from a Japanese girl I found on You Tube:

This next one is from Princess Hairstyles - it's meant for mom's to do their daughter's hair, but I can do this one myself: http://www.princesshairstyles.com/2011/01/knotted-braid-hairstyle.html
I want to try this one next:


Book Exchange Invite

 Les Bonnes Idees just gave us a wonderful award for our book party - check it out here.  Also Michelle created this invite template because of all of the requests and interest in said Book Exchange Party for anyone to use!  Thanks Chelle.
I hope to get another party together this spring with these two creative geniuses!  I have a laundry list of cute ideas...
Book Check Out-Template                                                                                                   
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