Ta-Da Baker's Twine

Super easy and kinda fun. I followed the video on yesterday's post and easy peasy lemon squeezy. I used Bic permanant markers, I got a pack of 12 for $5 at Wal-Mart and a 100 yards of size 10 crochet yarn for $3.97. I think I should have bought the smaller package of size 5 for $1.97, as I got looking at my real baker's twine I think it's a bit thicker like the size 5. I also cut these little thread holders out of cardstock, but was thinking that the ones for embroidery thread would work great. Anyway I'm very happy with the results and will have plenty of twine for my up coming parties - Wahoo!


Sweet Idea!

How to "make" your own bakers twine! I was just about to order some too. I'll be doing this tomorrow with a pack of sharpies!


Sarah Jane Studios

So I've come across the most delieghtful artist on Etsy.  Her name is Sarah Jane and she does gorgeous children's drawings.  She has just put up on her blog  this fun Peter and the Wolf Theater in printable PDF:
You can get the theater for free!  If you go to her blog she has a survey and those who complete it will get a code for buy one get one free from her shop.  The Peter and Wolf set are only $5.50.  She has fun cards, prints and embroidery patterns too.  I bought the theater set and got an embroidery pattern for free.  I'll use it on a pillow for RJs new bed!


I bought a free range, hormone free, vegetarian feed, chicken at Wal-mart!  I'm so glad they are offering them now, much more convenient and less expensive (although still more than the other kind).  I followed this recipe for the spice rub and this one to cook it and make broth after.  Very yummy, healthy and economical!

I'll use the chicken for these favorite recipes and in salad.  Click on image to enlarge, then right click and save image as:

*recipe cards from papercrave.com


Etsy store

I just opened an Etsy store for all the vintage things I find thrifting!  So fun.  Please check it out here.  I will be adding more houseware type items in the near future.  I need to have a modeling day to get better pics too...Carly you busy?


Easter decor

 I saw this tutorial at Mama Michie's Musings and sent it over to mom to have her make one for me...super cute!
 I got the tin and doily at the thrift store and the flowers at the dollar store -
 Printable at Eighteen25...saucers and candles at thrift store - did you notice that the wicks are missing?  Thanks to my 21 month old.
Eggs and bowl from dollar store - my kids check everyday to see if there is candy in them yet...
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