onesies with iron ons

Oli's on the left, the Hudster's on the right


Crafting Friday

I made this skirt and the tie appliques for St. Patty's, I'm glad I added the tulle.  Applique pattern found here.

I whipped out this tutu so I could show Mac (friend) how to do one...super easy, this is the tutorial I originally used when I first started making these last year.


A new Room

I finished the room/bedding for now. Poor Kreg always having to sleep in a girly room. I really had a different vision when I started this room, I first was using dark brown little buttons on the bed but, didnt like the stark contrast so my Mom suggested pearls, I am a SUCKER for pearls! It immediately turned fancy. So it went from little girly to more mature girly. I love it! I told Kreg when we get a house this can be the guest bed and he can chose our bedding and make it more manly. or maybe I will just make him a man cave all for himself where he can watch sports. But for now he can enjoy the "palace" (as he calls it)

The sheets are kind of a light aqua color, so I made this quick toss pillow to bring out some more of the blue. I told Kreg at least the sheets are blue, I could have done Pink.
Pretty lamp I got at the DI in utah, So glad I didnt let Mom buy it from me.
I used napkin rings we got at tai pan for the curtain holders
Upclose on the kissing pleats
I made the brown pillow in hopes to balance out the fancyness but Kreg said I ruined it when I put the flower on.

Sorry the pictures are horrible, I really should take some photography classes.


table runners- the red is one carly made for her new table

carly made the red one for her new dinning toom table.

the others are mine.








The beginning

Of a whole new look to my bed. I made a quick ruffle pillow(finally figured out how to do a ruffle on my machine!!) this morning to get me motivated to do the duvet. My cute Model HAD to be in a picture.

Book Page Wreath

My cute sister in-law Kim showed me this wreath at Christmas time and I am FINALLY getting around to making it. So easy. Although I may or may not be icing a few fingertips at the moment due to some hot glue mishaps. I didn't roll my pages instead did a little folding diddy. I wanted a messier/less perfectly placed look and I did mine less full. I don't like the way the pictures turned out ( the wreath is NOT that bright) I do however like the way the wreath turned out.

Found the Idea at Living With Lindsay


I've seen wreaths similar to this all around blog-land. I couldn't help myself! I chose to do a round wreath because then I could leave it up longer than v-day.

Got these cute buttons from Joann's for $1.12 I cut off the loop in back for the button and glued them to bobby pins. now I have cute hair pretties! I got another package of the buttons today to make a necklace.


lace flowers

i embellished this sweater i got at charlotte rousse.

mama's got a new bag...

this is the bag i made from the left over heather bailey fab.

the flower on the front is detachable and matches the lining.


Dress up dolls

While in Utah I got this cute fabric with these dolls and clothes on it. I thought they would be great to cut out put some pelon on the back and add Velcro for a fun activity. They are super cute but I realized that the dolls weren't meant to be cut out because the clothes dont exactly match up. Thats ok because The two little girls they are going to really wont care!

For the Future Baseball Players

Baseball Tag Blankets for Oliver and Hudson


5-Min Skirt

Seriously these Skirts take NO time at all and are so cute. Here is my lovely model showing it off before bed!
Nice Face CC-

Goods for Oliver

I have been working on little projects for Baby Oliver and to help keep my sanity in this winter.
A Rock N' Roll Blanket and a New Nursing Cover. I made a really BIG one since this will be my first time Nursing Im a little nervous and want to make sure We "I" stay covered! I made it reversible with some Fabric I had on hand. Mom~ These are the colors Im liking lately for possible bedding, But still not positive???
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