Channeling Suzy Homemaker: Looking to the past for a cleaner future

  My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary today!   Two years after we were married our first child came a long, and I decided to stayed home with my new baby.  Even though I'm still very happy for making this decision - I'm not quite the homemaker I had hoped I would become, I look a little like this:

 Well still having that bit of journalist in me, I started researching vintage housewives, homemaking and housekeeping.   I found several blogs relating some really hilarious antidotes of trying to live exactly like a '50s housewife.  (Read here, here and here).  I also found a lot of articles on the "new domesticity" trend that has swept the nation (very interesting to look into by the way), and so I formulated an idea.

I wanted to look to the past for guidance on how to do this job of housekeeping and homemaking efficiently, effectively and actually enjoy it!  So here's the experiment, for one year - that's 365 days, I will be really focusing on those 3 E-words, mentioned above, in my housekeeping, cooking, child rearing, sewing, crafts, gardening, hostessing etc.  All the things women/wives/mothers would have focused on in years past.  I have several vintage housekeeping books and lots of references to help guide me on how it was done. While I won't be doing things exactly they way they did them  50+ years ago, I will be looking into how they would have accomplished the tasks at hand and applying what I can to help me improve and enjoy it.  I'll be posting what I learn as well as my successes and failures... hopefully this is fun and informative - I'm such a nerd at heart!

Some posts to look forward to (keeping in mind that I struggle in all these areas):

A housekeeping schedule
Meal planning on the wise
Laundry, Laundry, Laundry (the bane of my existience)
How the vintage woman stayed fit
Modern homesteading
Chef de jour - cooking from scratch
Teaching children responsibility
Family Finances - how to save for a rainy day
Balancing it all
...and whatever else comes up!


Angry Birds Pizza

This was a huge hit!  I originally saw an Angry Birds pizza on Pinterest and wanted to copy it. We had cousins staying with us this week so it was the perfect timing!

I wanted it to be as homemade as possible so I used this No Rise Pizza Crust from The Finer Things in Life, that I have used many times before. This time I wanted to make my own sauce too. I went with Homemade Pizza Sauce from The Lucky Penny. It was delish!  The kids were raving and one even told it me it was the "yummiest thing I've ever tasted!"  He's a little dramatic.  Anyway, I highly  recommend  both if these recipes for your next pizza night. 


Keep calm and drink an Italian Cream Soda!

Love lemonade but love Italian Cream Sodas better!
I recently found sugar free syrup for the sodas. Walmart
and Harmon's carry them. My favorite is raspberry, but
there are many flavors out there. You can mix flavors too!
Here is my recipe for a soda that is just delish!

1c club soda
2T Torani flavoring syrup (the flavor is up to you...)
a splash of cream
a dollop of whipped cream on top (just for fun!)
mix all of these into a glass filled with ice

If you like cola, coconut, and lime, then you should try
a dirty coke! Yummy! I would post that if I could find
coconut syrup anywhere.....


Easy salsa recipe

Oooooo how I love Mexican food! I was born in
California and lived there until I was 9 and then spent all
my summers there until I got married, so it's not a wonder
 why I love Mexican food!

 My favorite restaurant was Ernie's. my grandparents
took me there once a week.
so, here is a simple salsa recipe that is sure to please.
we recently had missionaries over for dinner and one of them
ate the whole bowl....

Tina's salsa (a former co-worker)
1 can S&W brand Mexican recipe tomatoes
1/4 onion big handful of cilantro
1-2 cloves minced garlic
7 jalapeƱo rings plus a dash of juice (from a jar)
put into the blender and give it a whirl....
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