I made this advent out of a pizza pan, match boxes (both from the dollar store),magnets and scrapbook paper. The kids can pull the box off on the day and open a suprise!



Ironing board cover

My old cover was yucky from being in the garage so I did a quick re-do. Now its Clean!!


Luck for you CC wanted to say "cheese" meaning take pics of me, mom!

Baby Sling and Apron

I made Cecily a sling for her baby dolls, She took it of right after I snapped the pic but I know come next spring when I'm wearing baby in a sling she will want to copy me.

I made this apron out of a dish towel. So easy and big enough to grow with.The BIG bed!! Just needs a bed skirt and quilt from Gram! CC loves being so BIG!

New blog

Check out my friend Kalleen's new craft blog...very talented!


Dollar Store Christmas Decor

paid $6 for all of this. they're sitting on the back

of Cecily's quilt

Bed Rail

We are getting CC's BIG bed all set up this week and so I got a bed rail from a second hand store, it was white but a bit dingy and not at all attractive so to make it pretty like the rest of the bed, (will be once we get the quilt from Gram) I took a big piece of lace and covered it! It took maybe 10 min from start to finish and it looks so much better!!




Salt Lake Temple Picture

Thanks to my Relief Society for having a craft night and even more thanks to the lady that hosted it and her awesome Vinyl Lettering skills. I Made this and it looks great over my Fireplace!

I also made a dress for Cecily out of one of her Dad's old shirts but she wore it and got it dirty before I could get a good picture of it. So in a week or sow when its clean again I will post it!


christmas skirts

here are reagan and cc's skirts. i will have shirts to go

with soon....


Been Busy

Basically the morning sickness has gotten the best of me so there hasn't been much crafting lately. Since I am 12 weeks along now Im hoping I start feeling better and can get back to making pretty things and not just a pretty baby due in may!!

Baby legs, Blankets, Car seat tent, Gloves

I've been sewing a ton...
I made these from this.

I took Reagan's receiving blankets that are too small for her to use now, cut them up and sewed them together, added a back piece to make a bigger blanket. I also sewed a couple other blankets for gifts. I found this tutorial to make a car seat tent and I had to try it. I made this one out of flannel for winter. I altered her measurements a little to fit our seat but it was pretty close.I saw this online and decided to give it a try with some socks I found at Honk's dollar store. It was pretty easy - don't know when I'll actually wear them but I think they're cute.
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