thrift store treasures....

i found this my little pony twinkle twirl dance studio at

a thrift store for $3. I put in new batteries, and cleaned it

up and it works great!. It came with 9 ponies. I cleaned

them up too and soaked their tales and manes in hot water

so i could brush them out and make them almost like new.

I also found a cinderella tea party set including the large

tea pot storage box for $1.50. It has all the pieces.

my grands will have fun....


lovin the vintage sheets....

RJ in one of the dresses and bloomers I made.

Mom/daughter pj pants from a sheet from a thrift store.

I save any left over pieces for quilt backing.



vintage sheet/pillow case

the pillow case dress was actually made from a vintage

pillow case i found at a thrift store. i just love it, so pretty

and sweet. the dress with bloomers was made from a sheet

i found at a thrift store. i made two sets for the girls and have

plenty left over for the back of a baby quilt i think.

you can find vintage sheets now in abundance. i have two more

waiting to be turned into something fun....


Cc has a new maxi skirt

This skirt was mine, the waist band was tight so I took it in a couple of inches and cc has a new maxi skirt! She loves it of course!!


miss red bird was lonely.

meet her new friends....

mother's day pincushion

fun and easy to make. funny though that

i had to buy a five pound bag of bird litter

for the little walnut pieces that go inside...



My new "vintage" perfume tray. I've been searching for one just like this for a little while now. The antique stores sell them for loads of money, I scored one at a thrift store for way cheap!  I moved it from this spot to my bedroom where it makes things more pretty! I love being a girl!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Per Laura's request, a picture of our dinner. I apologize for the por quality of the photo, It really doesn't look yummy at all. But, it was. You'll just have to try it and find out!
Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Combine and let dissolve 10 minutes:
1 C. warm water
1 tbs. yeast
 Add and let rise 10-15 minutes:
2 C. flour
1 tsp. salt
2 tbs. vegetable oil
 *Roll out dough & top with favorite toppings. Cook 15-20 minutes @ 425 degrees.
Jarred Alfredo sauce 3-4 table spoons spread evenly on dough
1 medium vine tomato chopped
1 Large handful of fresh spinach torn into bite size pieces
1 cup cubed chicken ( I used the tyson "frozen" grilled and seasoned chicken strips) I heated them in the microwave until warm.
Top with:
1 cup shredded Mozzerella cheese
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
It was super quick and easy, my 4 yr old made the dough, we went outside for a quick post Easter- Egg hunt, came back in and topped our dough with deliciousness, and through it in the oven to bake. The crust was crispy but soft and the kids asked for seconds. I call that a successful dinner.

Cuddle Up

I finally finished this first quilt - from - wait, you're not going to believe this, October 2010! Talk about procrastination...pathetic. Anyway, it took 5 minutes to finish and made me feel really lame for not having done it much sooner.  The fabric is Bliss from Moda.

I finished the pink quilt in the middle of making this airplane one to finish off my little boy's room.  His only took a week, because I wasn't completely prepared, but could have taken just a day or two.  I love how it turned out:
I made the stripes different widths to add something fun to the design.  All the fabrics are from Wal-Mart, and the green is a sheet.  We tied this one with embroidery floss using the international stitch to hide it.  Anyway this is the reaction I got from little man when I showed it to him on his bed:

Photobucket Worth it!


Raining Books

When I saw these rain gutter bookshelves on Pinterest I knew they would be perfect for my little ones' rooms.  We followed the tutorial from Raising Olives - it's super easy. 

We bought one length of vinyl rain gutter from Lowes (Home Depot didn't have this "fancier" style), it comes in 10' sections.  My hubby cut it up, this room has a 4' section and two end caps.  He just screwed it directly into the wall.

 For this room I was inspired by Sunshine on the Inside to do a corner shelf.  My hubby cut two 25" sections and then added the two end caps and the corner piece, and again screwed it directly into the wall.  I love how they turned out and my kids think they are pretty special too!  I think I'll make a small bean bag chair for my little boys corner - his birthday is coming up...



At the bottom of each of our posts there is now a "PRINT" button from Print Friendly.  This button will allow you to customize a print out of any of our individual posts to save paper.  It's especially awesome for tutorials and recipes!  I love it, please check out their site for more info.  It's free to use.

A Little Sewing

Can I say that I LOVE my craft room - my husband is the greatest!  I whipped out a couple of projects tonight.
The first is this 18" doll apron to match my little girl's apron:
I also made one for my niece that matches her apron.  I used Kwik Sew pattern 3596 view A.  I had to alter the neck piece to make it usable for the doll.  Other wise a very simple pattern to use.

Then I made this bag from The Little Apple Seed:
Her tutorial includes a pattern, and is super easy to follow. The only thing I did differently was to use my sewing machine to sew the bow on to the front of the bag (only on the two sides, no more that an inch) before sewing the outside of the bag together. I also sewed the straps on while I sewed the top of the bag and lining together instead of doing it in it's own step. I think it turned out well, now what to use it for?


Airplane Room

My second one really wanted an airplane room, so we're in the beginning process of making that happen.  I decided to do a big bulletin board to hang lots of pictures on.  Sticking with the airplane theme I decided to cover it in fabric.
I bought this super cute fabric at Wal-Mart!  I just used a butter knife to shove the edges of the fabric under the frame.  My son is super excited...so cute.


A little project

Scott and Carly were very crafty, they

created this little man. Bentley.


Puss In Boots

My son's class had an assignment this month to pick a fairy tale character and come as that character prepared to do an interview.  He choose Puss in Boots.  I whipped out this costume using brown felt and a Three Musketeer pattern for the doublet - he drew on whiskers at school.

Princess Room...

So when my little girl saw my craft room was painted a purply-pink, she begged her dad to paint her room to be a princess room too.  I love the color of her walls and so that was not going to happen :).  When I saw this picture on Restoration Hardware, I knew I had the answer to appease her desire for a princess room.

The silhouette on the top left is a girl with a crown - so cute! I went to work creating this silhouette from my daughters profile: 
Here it is Framed in her room:

There is still a lot of decorating to do but we're on our way...
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