I'm Laura, the mom/grandma


This is a flower pillow I made for cecily

for her new big girl bed.

I will be making the quilt to go with it


Busy busy bee

Reagan's Halloween costume - she's going to be a witch.

First skirt with bloomers (I added a flower and button to the hip).

Second skirt, bloomers and button.


Another Furniture Re-DO

This was the Dresser when it was given to us. It look fine but it just wasnt what I was going for, for the office.

This is after a couple of coats of paint. I love the Light Blue color. It looks gret with the black and Im even more happy because there is no longer a pile of books and paper on my floor!!


Finally finished

After 4 months of sitting in the garage waiting to be cleaned and painted, the desk is done! I also got this cute dresser/bookshelf for my craft room. It has yet to be decorated but hopefully that wont take another 4 months. ha
Remember the pink chair, it goes perfectly with the pink on the desk!!
Cant wait to put all things pretty on this baby!
Pictures to come of the whole room, when its done....

Scroll down below for the before of the desk. its the Yellow one!


Later this week

You will see the re-do of this darling lady! Sorry again for lack of good Before pic. Just dont count on ever getting a good one then you wont be dissapointed!

She will no longer be yellow and will no longer be in the garage! I will welcome her into my craft room and she will soon be the home to Sally the sewing machine. Yup you heard right I named my Sewing Machine, I figure a friend as good as she deserves a name!

Desk Re-Do

Sorry I dont have any good pics of Before. I always for get to do the before pics. Luckily I had taken pictures of everything in our house for insurance purposes and got a small part of the desk. I really like how it turned out, mostly because its unique and a fun change! It is going in our office/craft room.
Here is the BEFORE. See it over there the brown thing in the corner with the pink chair .

Well take a gander below at the AFTER!

I modge podged some black and white Scrapbook paper to the top to cover the yucky plastic, fake looking wood that had a crack in it. I cut the paper in squares and then did a little patchwork patter. I now have some clear vinyl over the top just to protect it from everyday wear and tear. This is the computer desk for the office. more views coming when I have the whole room done

More furniture re-do's to come. Including my sewing desk and craft hutch.


Baby Blessing Party

I used the colors from my daughter's announcement and carried them into the dinner. I made cafe rio salads and created labels for each part. I also created a banner and labels for the drinks. I used tin buckets for the food and flower arrangement. I used a tin watering can for ice water. I bought pint mason jars for glasses and used these cute lids and straws. I bought glass bottles from ikea for the juices. I put white plastic table cloths down and made a plaid pattern on top with hot pink and baby pink crepe paper. My sister taped paper doilies to white paper lunch bags and I put rocks in them to use as weights for the tablecloths. As for the cake - it's the first one I've ever decorated and it wasn't exactly what I imagined...oh well it tasted good.

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