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Sarah's Favorites: Printables for Organizing

I have to write everything down - I lost my mind/memory the minute I was pregnant with my first and it's never come back.  These are some of my favorite free printables I use to keep myself sane.

I've used this meal planner forever. I love that I can write down menu items and then list the ingredients I need in the categories where I will find them in the store. I don't ever make my menu items on the day described but I keep this on my fridge to see what I have to make. I write down items we run out of in my planner and then transfer them to this list before I go shopping.

Of course my Planner is the other one...it's my brain and I keep it in my purse!  I still love the simple design.  Once my kids are bigger I can foresee the need for something with more scheduling capabilities, like the WHOMI but for now it works.

I love new things - what are your favs for staying organized?



I hope to have the sewing skills to sew an outfit like this someday...  from Anything Goes.  I love her hair too, I've seen a few faux '30s bob tutorials that I may try - but my hair may be too long.  I think I would take one of every outfit in this clip actually - here's the clip for your enjoyment:

Here's a link to my Retro Style pin board for more of my wish list!


Mrs. Jones' Soapbox - a discount

I have fallen in love with my laundry soap and soft scrub... now you can too!  Here's a coupon code for 10% off http://go.referralcandy.com/share/3TC5MS.  Just include the email address betsyandjoy@gmail.com to let her know where you came from!  Thanks!
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