A fun quilt

My nails and lips quilt. 

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Flash Gordon is Oli's favorite super hero right now but there are no t-shirts anywhere to be found. So, I created one after finding the symbol on the internet.
I love my super hero little man!

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Valentine wear

I love making Holiday clothes for the girls. Today I made skirts and a little dress for baby Reid who is due in 2 days!

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Dance Costume Bag

We needed something to carry around my little's costumes for her dance recital and up coming competition season. I first made a bag out of a vintage pillowcase. 

Then I remembered I had this adorable ballerina fabric and made a new one. (I put her blessing gown in the original instead).  

While I was at it I whipped up a boxy make-up bag to go along. 

Simple Christmas Project Day 6: Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage in parties. We were invited to one and so I decided to throw some home made ones together. 


Simple Christmas Project 5 Wish List

So yesterday I showed you how I simplified my present buying for my family.  Today I want to share how I know what to put in each of those categories.  The Christmas Wish List.  So my cute 6 year old started making his list before Halloween.  It looked like 2 pages of printer paper filled with wants posted to my fridge.  So cute but he wanted to add more… getting inspiration from Confetti Sunshine's Thanksgiving Poster I made wish list posters.

We used 3M's poster tabs and hung them on the wall.  After having a short lesson on why we give gifts at Christmas we handed the kids washable crayons and let them make their lists.  

They can add to it all season long.  We have explained that they will not get everything on their lists.  Mom and Dad also have veto rights with Santa and relatives too.

To share in the joy of giving I've made a generic version for you to download.  We had ours printed at Staples as engineering prints in 18X24 for $1.99 each.


Simple Christmas Project 4 Presents

 A few years ago (like 4) I gave away this free printable:

I still love it and the method.  This is what we use in our house to determine what presents to buy for Christmas.  It's made things so simple.  If you would like to use it just click on the image to open it, right click, choose save image or print… Enjoy!
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