Vintage Ice Cream Parlor

RJ's first birthday party - I did a retro/vintage themed ice cream parlor.  We had a soft serve ice cream machine, and the cutest plastic bowls from the dollar store (they are in the fourth picture in the bottom right corner).  I have a coca-cola straw dispenser that belonged to my great-grandma (whom RJ is named after) that we used with the bottled soda.  The toppings were served with the little metal scoops.  I made the clothes-pin doll on the cake and the banner that matched her invites (third pic).

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Woodsy Baby Blessing/Naming Party

This is the invite for one of the boys, on the other side was the invite for the other nephew.

These were the table toppers.

The stand on the right had yummy brownies on it - of course I didn't get a pic.  Thanks goes to my hubby for finding the birch stump and cutting it up for me!
We had a signing table with this tree silhouette to put a finger print on for leaves and sign your name.  i made this deer head from this tutorial/template.  Moss came from the dollar store.  I used this fox banner and just added a fawn in photoshop.  I'm disappointed in the pics, I forgot my SLR camera - I feel like it looked much cuter than these show, but isn't that how it works?
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