My Faux Mantle

  I begged and pleaded for my husband to build me a faux mantle - he finally told me to just go buy one already!  I found this one in our classifieds - my hubby painted it white and hung it for me.  We are going to add molding to the bookshelves too.
  I found the mirror at a thrift store -it was gold so I painted that white too.  I can't wait to decorate - and I kinda want to skip straight to halloween but will restrain myself, ha ha.  I want to add small amounts of navy blue and terracota orange to this room.  I will be recovering that pillow you see on my couch and hope to use the same fabric (when I find some) to put in the back of my bookshelves like this:

Source: houzz.com via Ami on Pinterest

Just to add a pop of fun and texture.  Then I plan on covering all the books in white paper, just so it's not so cluttered feeling, like this:

I can't wait for the finished product.

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laurareid said...

I really like it all! Gardiner's has really good fabric. U should check it out

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