quilt blocks

here are the ebroidered quilt blocks i am using in my quilt.


Family Tree Silhouettes

I gave one of these to each of the families on  my side for Christmas.  I got the idea from here. I took a picture of everyone's profile at Thanksgiving and then turned them black in photoshop.  I used Paisley Press' oval frame kit, which helped make sure everyone's silhouette was the same size. Underneath is each person's full name.  Don't worry in-laws of mine, I hope to be doing one of these for us soon!  (Anna your family's is in the mail!)


Christmas Sewing

I sewed my nieces and nephew's gifts this year but I forgot to take pictures...This is one of the aprons I made for my niece from this Mccall's pattern.

I'm also in love with vintage clothing right now - mainly the late 30s through the 50s - so for Christmas I wanted a plaid tafetta dress like this one... but I couldn't find one that I could afford.  I decided to sew a circle skirt instead:

(sorry about the bad pictures).  I used this poodle skirt pattern and Made's circle skirt tutorial to make it.  Super easy, especially using wide elastic at the top.  I threw together a netted slip to wear underneath, but have since ordered a vintage one for my summer dresses.
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