fabric flowers

I saw these on wise craft. they were so easy!

Don't get rid of fabric scraps, you can make these!

easy and take maybe ten minutes. Use as a pin on

a jacket or top, in hair, on a purse, or anywhere!


Pillow for Cecily

I made this pillow to go with her quilt. 

I put the yellow floral on the back.


Superhero Birthday Party

I gave my son a Superhero Academy birthday party. I got the idea from here. We played a few games: Vaporize Villains (silly string helium balloons with villains pictures taped to them), climb buildings and fly down (up and down a slide), diffuse bombs (pop black balloons), Magnificent Marksmen (throwing a ball at a bulls eye), Rapid Rescue (they saved toy soldiers from the sand box), and Mighty Muscles (the photo op). I made each of the kids a cape with their initial on the back and mask and gave them a gift bag with their training manual inside....when they completed a game we put a sticker on the page. It was a lot of fun! I also made cup labels that were shaped like the "pow" on the invite with each kids name on it.

Cecily's quilt top

here is the quilt top. it's at the quilters as we speak,

and i'll show it again when it's completed.

Princess Crowns


More baby stuff

A rock and roll onesie and

a few bibs for the grands...


I thought I'd try my hand at a coursage shirt like

they sell at J Crew. Anyway, I think it'll be fun to

wear this winter. L


Pillow Case

Pillow Case for CC's big girl bed....


another piece of the project finished!

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