Peter Pan Costumes

 This year we decided to do Peter Pan - since I already had a pirate costume to fit my 3 year old!  I made
Tinkerbell and Peter's costumes this year. 
 I saw Make it and Love it's Peter Pan tutorial and copied it for ours.  Super easy.  I found the felt hat at DI a while ago, it worked perfectly.

For miss Tinkerbell I started to use Butterick 6660 pattern:

But was quickly annoyed with all the layers of tulle.  Instead of following the patterns instructions, I just took all the layers of tulle and pleated the whole skirt then sewed across the top to keep the pleats.  Then I created the leaves per the pattern (I only made half of what it called for) and pinned them on top of the skirt and added the waist band to cover the seams. I liked the leaves puffier so I didn't iron them down - I may iron them now - looking at the pics. I took the leaf pattern and copied it on my printer, scaling it to 50% for the necklace.  I made it the same way that I made the skirt leaves.  I purchased her tee, but it was a size 4/5 when she's a 24 month, so I cut off the sleeves, sewed up the sides then shortened the sleeves and reattached them.  I kept the shirt long to help cover her biking shorts underneath the tulle skirt.  I just bought the wings :). 
There you have it, super simple Halloween.



So I went to see the new Footloose the other night and I loved it - especially Julianne Hough.  Can we say gorgeous?  So I decided to try to copy her hair:

I liked the way it turned out.  I used Motions Lotion to try to keep the curl, cause mine never lasts and it held up in the front all day - the back still went limp.  I did actually wear that belt, and my cowgirl boots too!  Now to convince my hubby to take me line dancing...


Another form of Journaling

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest
Source: flickr.com via Lorna on Pinterest

Ok so I love calendar journaling and I did it for years. In high school my best friend started writing down everything we/she did on her wall calendar in her bedroom. It rocked so I started doing it in my Franklin planner, on the monthly pages. I did it all through high school, college and my mission. It's so fun to pull them out and look back on things I've done that I would never remember other wise. Like dates that totally sucked and are very laugh worthy now and great girls' night out moment too.

I'm taking it up again, it's a quick way to record events and I can go back to journal more later too if I want to.  Plus I'll be able to remind the kids of things we did when they complain as adults of never doing anything - cause that's bound to happen :).


Smash Books

If you don't know what a Smash book is, here's a video:

Catchy right? Ok so I love the concept.  I've started to do this for my personal journal - you know all those sayings we keep pinning on pinterest?

 I just print them off - mini style- and tape them into my journal.  They usually have some meaning toward things in my life - I mean they're realitive enough for me to pin them right?

I also smash small pics, ticket stubs, memos, notes, what ever fits with that entry.  It's kind of an original scrapbook - you know old school style - with more writing than anything else. For great inspiration, just search smash book on pinterest - awesome!

I also do it for my scripture/gospel study.  Here is a great resource for setting up a scripture journal and how to size documents to tape into your journal.

Now I can't just sit there smashing everything while my kids are getting into my 'stuff' can I?  So I got them their own Smash books too:

I just bought composition books on clearance and let them cut and glue and color what ever they want.  It has repeatedly entertained them for hours - no joke! If only I had known this forever ago :)!

So here's to smashing!


keep the gospel message with you...

sarah found a variety of things like this to keep Pres. Uchtdorf's message with you....

found on pintrest

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