Shoes, glorious shoes!

I love shoes!  I love to buy shoes! I love to buy

inexpensive shoes to wear until I replace them with

new inexpensive shoes. These are my newest ones

I can wear this spring/summer. (0ld navy and ross)

I love shoes!


Hair Style

So I did my hair like this today for church. I had curled my hair on Thursday with my new love, flax seed setting lotion.  Woke up and it was still curly on Friday.  On Saturday I just sprayed it with water so it was damp, and rolled it up in small perm rods to get a tighter curl until it dried - for a retro style I did, and then brushed it out that night and put it in a bun on top of my head.  I woke up for my 9 am church today and just brushed it out and voila, I got this look.  Not bad for 4th day hair...  I also used dry shampoo on Saturday, if you were worried about that.

On another note I've started a weight loss program and lost 4 lbs and 2 1/2" in one week... I know it's not a lot but I'm super excited!  If your interested in what I'm doing check it out here.


Helping in Young Womens tomorrow...

And this is the handout I'm giving them.

Printable available from pinterest, frame and flower

from Walmart. Ribbon from my stash.


Baby gift

I got to new great nephews in two days this week!

Here is what I made for both of them. There are a lot

of easy tutorial's on line for this type of receiving blanket.

(i love these fabs by the way)

when i make burp cloths, i sew them wrong sides together

with a wide zig zag stitch then clip at every "up" of the zig

zag. this gives them the "rag" look after they're washed.

the outfit is from Old Navy. I love new babies....

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