Newspaper Article

Here's a link to the newspaper article on mom's new office:

Pretty cool!


Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

We've shown a lot of sewing machine covers on this blog and we recieved a request for the tutorial. We used Nap Time Journal's tutorial .  Very easy and super cute...

Pizza from Scratch

OK so I've never made any kind of dough on my own - ever. I've only helped my husband with his sourdough in minor ways. I really wanted to make my own pizza dough but I don't have it in me to make things ahead of time, or to let them rise etc. Well last night we were craving pizza and it was too late to order any so we didn't give in to the impulse. That only made me want it more for lunch today. So, I found this No Rise Pizza Crust  recipe (thanks to The Finer Things in Life) and went to work.

 It was super easy and took  no time at all - perfect!  I threw on toppings that we had in the fridge - pesto for the sauce, left over italian sausage mixed with spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, olives, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Delish and a hit!


updated guest room....

i got the quilt and shams at downeast for $10! love deals like that...

new sewing machine cover, mouse pad for my scissors to sit on when sewing,

new runner for the dresser. i'll add the embroidery hoops with fabric in them

from my office when i move out of it. i will also make a simple quilt for the

end of the bed with lots of colors in it. better go get started!

The Secret Life of Thrifting

Hello, my name is Sarah and I have become a thrifting addict. I went from a total thrift store snob - I could not stand the idea of wearing clothes from someone I didn't know - to a regular at the local DI. I've been shopping clearance for years but now I've discovered the joy of the "find." Here are some of my recent scores:
-Lucky Jeans...$40. Now that might be a high price at a thrift store but they look brand new, I would pay $40 for a pair of jeans and Lucky's last forever. I once wore a pair for 8 years - seriously.
-True Religions...$40. This one was based on the above idea, I love these ones tucked in my boots.
-Rock Republic pants and shorts...$35.
-100% Angora sweater...$6

These two scores were not from a thrift store but a good story on patience. I love vintage style, specifically the 30s, 40s and 50s. After seeing Varsity Show, the 1937 movie, I fell in love with the 30s' collegiate style. I've wanted to find a cute letter sweater that fit me ever since. I wore my letter sweater from high school last year and it still drowns me even though I've gained 30 pounds :).
I saw these two at the Abercrombie outlet for $49 each (originally $88) a few weeks ago. That is too steep for me, so I decided to wait and see if something popped up at the thrift store. Well I went back up to the outlets today and they were on clearance for $19.90 each! I grabbed them both and feel like I was completely rewarded for not giving into the impulse to by them the first time around.


All Things Vintage

I've finally started a blog to go along with my Etsy store... it's focused on all things vintage so if your interested click on over.


Studio 5

I had so much fun sharing our book exchange party on Studio 5 today. You can go here to see the segment: http://studio5.ksl.com/?nid=71&sid=16928179 Everyone was so nice and it was a great experience. Here's the link to the party for more details.


Play Kitchen Finished

 I've finally finished my little girls play kitchen.  I knew I had to make one of these the minute I saw this post on Out of The Crayon Box.  I've had to wait until my daughter was 1) old enough to play with it and 2) there was room for it in her room, to actually build one.  Meanwhile I collected as many images as I could find to inspire me: Here's my pin board if you want to check it out.

So the day came this June when I could do this little project and I've been so excited to share it.  I wanted it to look kind of like a 1930s kitchen since her room is done in all vintage.  I painted it jadeite green and bought some vintage looking knobs.  I also painted the front of the 'fridge' door in chalkboard paint for a little extra fun.  The vintage hot pads came from a local antique store - thanks to gram.

I bought the canister and tea pot at DI (thrift store) and dishes at IKEA.  All of my kids have had a blast playing restaurant and making dinner.  Next up will be to use the vintage inspired fabrics that my mom used for her adorable apron to make a ruffled curtain for under the sink, and then to paint her table and chairs robin egg blue.



my name is clara and i'm going on a little trip to my new owner....


Sewing machine cover

This little lady, who we'll just call "Annabell" is going

to Minnesota to keep Anna's machine warm during

those long winter months....

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