New Necklace

This was a birthday gift - our cousin Betsy made it...she has some cute necklaces so check her out!


Prima Ballerina

Anna and I threw a ballerina birthday party for her 3 year old CC. We took a lot of inspiration for the party from here.  We made the decor and ballet shoe cookies and Anna made the cupcakes.  We found a super nice guy and home depot to show me how to cut PVC pipe, which we used to make the ballet bar and backdrop for our "stage."  We had a "ballet lesson"  and then let the girls perform.  It was so fun and they all seemed to enjoy being prima ballerinas for the day!


mini purse

fun and easy purse to make. i don't think it

took 2 hours total.


Eli's quilt....

Kim wanted red, white, and blue. I've

always wanted to do an american quilt!

Note the nautical prints...


table runners

i made the halloween one for both of you.

the fall one is mine.

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