First Quilt Top

I finished my first quilt top! It's 36x36 using Bliss fabrics by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics.  This is the square - it took a second to get the directions but was super easy to sew once I could follow it.  Mom helped me figure it all out and showed me how to cut the fabric.  I'll be using this in RJs new room.


Oli's new furniture

Here are the pics of Oli's cute room!


if winter is coming...

we might as well look good keeping warm!

Carly's is a new pattern i found. ruffle scarf.

the grey one is the lacey pattern i made last year

with some new flowers.


Book Exchange Party + Freebie

I've been thinking about this party since last spring.  When my best friend Mac suggested we throw a party together with our other best friend Chelle, I knew this would be the perfect theme.  Chelle is a graphic designer (who I'm trying to convince to open an etsy site) and Mac has great taste in decorating and is the most awesome baker ever - as one guest said when "our powers combine parties happen" - ha ha ha.

The idea of the party is to bring a book to exchange with someone else.  We had the guests fill out this book plate (which we sent with the invite) and place it inside the book that they were giving away.

The book table decor.  Behind the table are garlands strung with book pages and circles of scrapbook paper.
We gave book bags with a book journal and book marks to each guest.  We played a little literature quiz that Chelle created, really cute and surprising how much you forget! For the actual book exchange we had each guest write their name on a piece of paper and then everyone drew another person's name to see whose book you would get.  We had all the guests wrap their books before coming and so we each took turns unwrapping them and seeing what book we received.  That created a lot of conversation and some of the guests left with a list of new books they "needed" to read.

Of course no party is complete with out delicious food:

 I created the food labels from this card catalog generator.

 We did a soup and grilled cheese sandwich buffet.  The grilled cheeses were to die for - parmesan sourdough bread from great harvest yum!  We cooked them on the George Foreman grill which made it super quick and easy!
 Mac made the deserts, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - her own recipe! Chocolate cupcakes with gnash centers and cookie dough truffles - heaven.
Water bottles wrapped in paper from a book.

Great party - thanks ladies!

Because we've had a lot of requests Michelle decided to give us a free download of the invite!  Just open it in photoshop and add your text!
Book Check Out-Template                                                                                                   

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