Raining Books

When I saw these rain gutter bookshelves on Pinterest I knew they would be perfect for my little ones' rooms.  We followed the tutorial from Raising Olives - it's super easy. 

We bought one length of vinyl rain gutter from Lowes (Home Depot didn't have this "fancier" style), it comes in 10' sections.  My hubby cut it up, this room has a 4' section and two end caps.  He just screwed it directly into the wall.

 For this room I was inspired by Sunshine on the Inside to do a corner shelf.  My hubby cut two 25" sections and then added the two end caps and the corner piece, and again screwed it directly into the wall.  I love how they turned out and my kids think they are pretty special too!  I think I'll make a small bean bag chair for my little boys corner - his birthday is coming up...

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