Pin-Did: Kiddos

Here are some fun kid activities we've done from Pinterest.

On Sunday we were looking for a quiet activity to do while daddy had a nap and before visiting family and this came to mind. We printed off a bunch of his cities and vehicles and the entertainment lasted for over an hour. The kids colored, cut, folded and then played. Imaginative and creative fun. The next activity combined two pins:

A $4 drink dispenser from Wal-Mart that actually looks just like this one and this homemade bubble recipe:

Next time I'll do half the water required - so 3 cups water, 1/2 cup corn syrup and 1 cup liquid dish soap.
We also bought a bag of bubble wands and I gave each of the kids a cup to dip them in.  This one didn't last as long on the entertainment value.

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