new ironing board cover

i love to make my own ironing board covers. it's so easy

and i get the custom look i want.

To make one:

use the one that is already on your ironing board as a pattern

or lay your board on top of the fabric you are making it out of.

(board side down of course)

cut out the fabric 1 1/2 inches bigger all the way around.

iron the edge to make a casing for 1/2 elastic to go through.

double fold the casing so there are no raw edges. sew all

the way around next to the edge. leave an opening to insert

the elastic. i cut my elastic as long as the board, not all

the way around. i like mine to fit snugly. insert the elastic

using a safety pin, sew the ends together and then sew

up the opening. it takes some effort to put the new cover

onto the board, just adjust the elastic as you put it on until

it's on. you can tell the top from the bottom so that helps!

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