My Craft Room!

When designing my craft room I used this picture for our layout and then we adjusted it from there:

Star the wonderful lady at our Ikea helped us pick the right cupboards to get what we needed and my amazing husband went to work changing the electrical, painting and installing cabinets and counters...this is the finished product:

We are adding a clothing bar to the top corner cabinet (on the right) that stretches to the wall for my shops clothing to hang on .
We ran into one hiccup, the four drawer cabinet doesn't come in bead board, which we didn't like.  Ikea suggested we try a cupboard door over the drawers with a special hinge.  Well that didn't work either - drawers can't slide out with a hinge in the way - so my clever husband just attached the door straight onto the bottom drawer and voila:

This is the corner cabinet with lazy susan!

Now to filling it up and decorating - I'm trying to decide between these two pallets:

Source: design-seeds.com via Sarah on PinterTest

This one but with the orchid color I painted instead of the top blue:


Mindy said...

I'm planning on doing the same thing! Headed to ikea this weekend. I see you installed your cabinets right over the carpet...

What did you do for the feet? I don't want to have the top sit too high. Did you have to use a higher chair? I'd love to pick your brain over this... Mindy


Mindy said...

My cabinets are in, and the counter top is on!


Thanks for the inspiration and advice!

Kandi Leroue said...

I too am curious what you used for feet?

Jackman Clan said...

We actually took the feet off. There are pegish things on the cupboards that hold it up, with the carpet it's completely steady and high enough to open etc.

Kandi Leroue said...

That sounds perfect. If you don't mind me asking where did you purchase them? Thank you for your help.

Jackman Clan said...

We bought them at Ikea.

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