The Secret Life of Thrifting

Hello, my name is Sarah and I have become a thrifting addict. I went from a total thrift store snob - I could not stand the idea of wearing clothes from someone I didn't know - to a regular at the local DI. I've been shopping clearance for years but now I've discovered the joy of the "find." Here are some of my recent scores:
-Lucky Jeans...$40. Now that might be a high price at a thrift store but they look brand new, I would pay $40 for a pair of jeans and Lucky's last forever. I once wore a pair for 8 years - seriously.
-True Religions...$40. This one was based on the above idea, I love these ones tucked in my boots.
-Rock Republic pants and shorts...$35.
-100% Angora sweater...$6

These two scores were not from a thrift store but a good story on patience. I love vintage style, specifically the 30s, 40s and 50s. After seeing Varsity Show, the 1937 movie, I fell in love with the 30s' collegiate style. I've wanted to find a cute letter sweater that fit me ever since. I wore my letter sweater from high school last year and it still drowns me even though I've gained 30 pounds :).
I saw these two at the Abercrombie outlet for $49 each (originally $88) a few weeks ago. That is too steep for me, so I decided to wait and see if something popped up at the thrift store. Well I went back up to the outlets today and they were on clearance for $19.90 each! I grabbed them both and feel like I was completely rewarded for not giving into the impulse to by them the first time around.


Laura said...

i've always loved the thrift/antique stores, now we can go together! (don't ever tell people how much weight you've gained...)

Shari said...

hahahaha, Laura your weight gain comment cracks me up. I think, when you still look as thin as Sarah, it's probably okay. lol

Love the new guest room look Laura, great finds at the DI Sarah. :)

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