Pizza from Scratch

OK so I've never made any kind of dough on my own - ever. I've only helped my husband with his sourdough in minor ways. I really wanted to make my own pizza dough but I don't have it in me to make things ahead of time, or to let them rise etc. Well last night we were craving pizza and it was too late to order any so we didn't give in to the impulse. That only made me want it more for lunch today. So, I found this No Rise Pizza Crust  recipe (thanks to The Finer Things in Life) and went to work.

 It was super easy and took  no time at all - perfect!  I threw on toppings that we had in the fridge - pesto for the sauce, left over italian sausage mixed with spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, olives, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Delish and a hit!

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