Simplicity 2154

I wanted to sew up this blouse after seeing it on http://dapperduds.wordpress.com/.  
She had used a cute fox print so I decided to make it a novelty shirt. 

I found this fun mustache/top-hat fabric at Walmart and thought it would be perfect!  It was an easy project with the first side zipper I've ever done. 
The bow is my favorite part. I want to sew it in a Swiss dot for next summer. 


laurareid said...

It is so cute! Love it! I used to love to sew for myself. Clothes can be so customized when you make them yourself. Very cute!

Kalleen at Second Street said...

So cute Sarah! I need a creative space like yours, I like to think it would motivate me to sew again.

Gina Wamsley said...

This is so pretty! Love the material!

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