A roast recipe

Dad made a roast for he and Chris the other night
and showed me how today. The roasts were in a twin
pack from Costco. As you can see, we cooked it in
a cast iron skillet. 
rub a lot of coarse salt and pepper into the roast on all sides.
then rub in some thyme.
put it into the pan and add minced garlic all around it.
put it on the stove on high to sear it well. Add 1/4 c butter to
the pan. Sear it on all sides. Make sure all the meat has been
coated with the yummy garlic and butter. Put the pan in a 250*
oven. Ours was at 135-140* in an hour. Medium rare. Delish!
remember to let it sit for 15 min before slicing. Slice against the grain 
for tenderness.

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