Honey Do List

My amazingly talented husband has had a bit of a honey-do list since we moved into our house a year ago.  From a laundry chute, faux mantle and bookshelves that match to rain-gutter bookshelves in the kids' room, dog kennel, fire hydrant water-fountain and not to forget my totally awesome craft room!  He's always willing to oblige...and didn't fall short when I wanted a one of these for the front porch:

My sister-in-law gave us these 3 chairs out of her storage.  I knew immediately what I wanted done with them, but my husband went the extra mile.  One of the chairs had these cute arms so hubby decided to make sure that the bench got to use them!  He then cut off the seat of the third chair and fitted it in the middle of the other two.  Added a new board for the seat and attached all the chairs together. A coat of paint and voila.
I love it, and can't wait to spend my afternoons watching the kids play in the front while sipping lemonade...

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