Quiet Pouches

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Anna, I'm the one in Minnesota. A little history about me. I used to craft and create A LOT and then I had a baby, I lost all desire and time to do any creating well I just got that itch back! Oh did I mention my baby is 16 months old. Wow! Kinda like loosing the baby weight right? Oh wait am I the only one that works their toosh off and the weight just starts to come off 14 months post pardom? Sorry I just got side tracked, back to the creating. I'm doing it again but starting slow.

Since said 16 month old is now a toddler and a bit of a handful at times, especially in situations like church I decided I needed to do something new for our church bag. The cars I had in the bag for him were not cutting it and so NOT quiet. I found this via Pinterest, and knew that would be the perfect idea.

So I gathered things we already had at home and bought 6 pouches for 97 cents a piece at walmart.

                          Lacing dress up Dolls (did I mention I have 4 yr old Daughter too?)
                              Dry erase board and Crayons. I stuck in a microfiber wipe to wipe off the crayon.
                                More gender nuetral lacing cards
                            Lottle notebooks, fun pens, rubber stamps, and stickers
                                                                       Finger puppets
Velcro fabric dress up dolls.
I also have little puzzles, lacing beads, little plastic animals, matching games, tiny books that I switch out week to week. There are endless ideas of things to fill these bags with. So far it has worked great and my kids are occupied and quiet ;)

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Laura said...

these are a great idea. would be fun for in the car or anywhere too

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