Desk Re-Do

Sorry I dont have any good pics of Before. I always for get to do the before pics. Luckily I had taken pictures of everything in our house for insurance purposes and got a small part of the desk. I really like how it turned out, mostly because its unique and a fun change! It is going in our office/craft room.
Here is the BEFORE. See it over there the brown thing in the corner with the pink chair .

Well take a gander below at the AFTER!

I modge podged some black and white Scrapbook paper to the top to cover the yucky plastic, fake looking wood that had a crack in it. I cut the paper in squares and then did a little patchwork patter. I now have some clear vinyl over the top just to protect it from everyday wear and tear. This is the computer desk for the office. more views coming when I have the whole room done

More furniture re-do's to come. Including my sewing desk and craft hutch.


Cassie said...

Anna, the desk is so cute! I love it! I am excited to see all your upcoming projects.

Jackman Clan said...

Super cute - love the scrapbook paper

matthew john said...


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