Lots of love...

It's soon to be Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd
Share a little heart crochet pattern. They are so
Simple and only take about a minute and a half
Each to make. They look adorable in the
Traditional valentine colors, but I'm crazy about
These bright colors right now. I made one for each of
My staff and the people I help at work. Maybe they'll
Use it to decorate their love note mailbox....
Crochet Heart
Ch 4
All stitches from here on are done in the first chain:
3 tr crochet (wrap yarn twice over hook, draw yarn through two loops at a time, 3 times)
3 dc (wrap yarn once, grab yarn, draw yarn through two loops twice)
Ch 1
1 tr
Ch 1
3 dc
3 tr
Sl stitch (go into stitch, draw yarn through, cut off and pull all the way through tight)
Tie two ends into a cute little bow
These look darling strung into a garland, in a dish, or in a jar too!
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