CSH: Reference List

These are the books, articles etc. that I've used in my research.  I will add new references as I find them and use them. I've added links to ebook versions to view for free when available or hardcopy versions to purchase.

Housekeeping Books

Frederick, Christine. Household Engineering, Scientific Management in the Home. Chicago: American School of Home Economics, 1920.

The Good Housekeeping Housekeeping Book. New York: Hearst Magazine, 1947.

Stewart, Martha. Homekeeping Handbook. New York: Clarkson Potter, 2006


Taylorism, Scientific Management. Wikipedia. 

Smellie, Alice. "No wonder they were so slim in the Fifties! Forget jogging and the gym... Alice Smellie discovers the fastest way to burn 2,600 calories: Live like it's 1952!" Dailly Mail Online, 21 July, 2012.


The House the 50s Built.  British TV show on Channel 4

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