Easy salsa recipe

Oooooo how I love Mexican food! I was born in
California and lived there until I was 9 and then spent all
my summers there until I got married, so it's not a wonder
 why I love Mexican food!

 My favorite restaurant was Ernie's. my grandparents
took me there once a week.
so, here is a simple salsa recipe that is sure to please.
we recently had missionaries over for dinner and one of them
ate the whole bowl....

Tina's salsa (a former co-worker)
1 can S&W brand Mexican recipe tomatoes
1/4 onion big handful of cilantro
1-2 cloves minced garlic
7 jalapeƱo rings plus a dash of juice (from a jar)
put into the blender and give it a whirl....

1 comment:

Jackman Clan said...

Is this what you made the other day? Aaron loved it...I'll have to whip some up.

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