Princess Dinner

My little girl wanted a princess party this year - which was funny since we just had a dragons and knights party for her brother!  I decided to do just a small dinner for our little family and invited my parents to come along (my mom loves birthdays!).
The block castle I had ordered through Groupon for her brother's party, arrived just in time for her party!  It was the perfect center piece to our food table.  I found cute little princess castle food picks at Zurchers along with plates and napkins.

But my favorite thing was the cake!  I finally made a cake that worked, with stiff perfect (well good enough for me to call perfect) frosting, that turned out how I imagined it!

I used this lemon cake recipe from Good Things Utah - delish!

Source: glorioustreats.com via

And this frosting recipe - with my mom's help to get the right consistency.

I used this color chart to get the right pink color - which totally rocked!

This tutorial for the roses...sweet!

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laurareid said...

Thanks for letting me help and crash the party!

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