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So I did my hair like this today for church. I had curled my hair on Thursday with my new love, flax seed setting lotion.  Woke up and it was still curly on Friday.  On Saturday I just sprayed it with water so it was damp, and rolled it up in small perm rods to get a tighter curl until it dried - for a retro style I did, and then brushed it out that night and put it in a bun on top of my head.  I woke up for my 9 am church today and just brushed it out and voila, I got this look.  Not bad for 4th day hair...  I also used dry shampoo on Saturday, if you were worried about that.

On another note I've started a weight loss program and lost 4 lbs and 2 1/2" in one week... I know it's not a lot but I'm super excited!  If your interested in what I'm doing check it out here.

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Karli said...

I'm hosting a book exchange party at the end of this month thanks to finding your adorable ideas on Pinterest. I have a couple questions:
1. What do you do if someone has already has the book they received? Just have them switch with someone else?
2. Would you be willing to share the quiz you guys had? I'd love to see it.
3. How many people did you host? My list is about 12-15 & I'm wondering if that's too many?

Thanks a bunch-so inspired by your blog. Great job on your weight loss journey, too! I lost 40 pounds a couple years ago and am a health coach now. I LOVE it and I love that you're taking care of yourself!


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