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Sarah's Favorites: Printables for Organizing

I have to write everything down - I lost my mind/memory the minute I was pregnant with my first and it's never come back.  These are some of my favorite free printables I use to keep myself sane.

I've used this meal planner forever. I love that I can write down menu items and then list the ingredients I need in the categories where I will find them in the store. I don't ever make my menu items on the day described but I keep this on my fridge to see what I have to make. I write down items we run out of in my planner and then transfer them to this list before I go shopping.

Of course my Planner is the other one...it's my brain and I keep it in my purse!  I still love the simple design.  Once my kids are bigger I can foresee the need for something with more scheduling capabilities, like the WHOMI but for now it works.

I love new things - what are your favs for staying organized?


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

Hi! I just wanted to share that the post is live on Southern Belle's Charm: http://www.southernbellescharm.com/2011/07/guest-feature-favorites-book-party.html

Thank you so much for letting me share your invitation!


The Traveler said...
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The Traveler said...

You've got to check out May Books. www.maybooks.com This gal has created these awesome Meal Planners and Market List canvas books...you can choose your own covers. Great idea.

Judy Graham-Barnes said...

I made a 2-sided grocery list with columns & blank lines - Each column had a heading for each aisle in the store. When I needed to add an item to my grocery list during the week, it would go under the correct column, saving me tons of back-tracking when shopping. Online specials were written in the correct heading in a diff. color ink (like red). Extra blank columns on the sheet are titled Menu Ideas, Food On Hand, etc.

Jackman Clan said...

@Judy Graham-Barnes: That's a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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