Eight generations scrap page

So while scanning in pictures from my mom this weekend I came across eight generations of photos of women in my family.  I saw this scrapbook on Ali Edwards and thought it would be fun to make a "baseball card" page of the photos for my daughter's book. First I made a 3.5 by 5 page in photoshop and put two photos on it (you can do this in Picnik too) like this:
I then had them printed at Inkley's (ritz pics) on Wed. for $0.06 a piece! I cut them out and placed them in the baseball sleeve:

This is an easy way to scrapbook a lot of pictures. Ali's scrapbook is a lot of fun. Check it out for more ideas - I think I'll be doing this 'week in the life' during our Lake Powell trip this year. I see a bag of red sand in one square :)!

1 comment:

Laura said...

that's really a great idea. i love it.
maybe a snake skin in one of the pockets?

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