Summer Fun ideas

We made our summer calendar a week ago, here are some of the things we have on there:
Kids summer movies (check your local movie theaters, ours do $1 kids movies at 10 am on Tuesdays)
Hogal Zoo
Tracy Aviary
Heritage Park (this is the place)
Dino Park
Nature Center
Thanksgiving Point
Liberty Park
American West Heritage Center
SS shortline train
Library story time
Several events our library is doing for summer reading
Roberts kids crafts
A few camping trips
My oldest is doing a summer program with his preschool for 5 weeks
and plenty of space for spur of the moment stuff.

Do you have any ideas to add?

1 comment:

laurareid said...

go to the temple and look at the statues on the grounds. after you can eat a picnic lunch by the cabin. it's shady and nice there. maybe the door to the cabin will be open and they can look inside. they will really appreciate your large home! mom xo

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