Crafting Friday

I made this skirt and the tie appliques for St. Patty's, I'm glad I added the tulle.  Applique pattern found here.

I whipped out this tutu so I could show Mac (friend) how to do one...super easy, this is the tutorial I originally used when I first started making these last year.


Kathryn said...

Adorable! I love the little ties on the T's - so hard to find ideas for boys and this is an excellent one.

I also love the skirt and the tulle peaking out underneath - very ladylike.

Jessa said...

I do not sew much, but think I could swing the ties, thanks for sharing this idea!

Sandy said...

I found you on a blog hop and so glad I did... had to send your post to my daughter.. she will love the little tie!!


Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

How festive and fun! Thanks for sharing!

Wright's said...

I love your St. Patty's outfits. They are so cute. I wanted to make some skirts for my girls but I don't know if i'll have time before wednesday.
p.s. i talked with the Plummer's a while ago, they want to get together with us. We had talked about having dinner at our place. The next two weeks are kinda crazy-my sister is coming into town and some other things. I was thinking the first week in April, maybe. We'll talk

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